Zeughauskino Berlin

Life in Movement

In 2007 the Sydney Dance Company appointed 29-year-old choreographer Tanja Liedtke as their first new artistic director in 30 years. However, before she could take up the position, she was struck and killed by a truck in the middle of the night. Admired internationally as a dancer and celebrated for her fresh choreographic voice, she was known as a dedicated artist, intelligent, dorky, funny and generous. 18 months after her death, her collaborators embark on a world tour of her work, and in the process they must deal with their grief and explore the reasons for her death. Interspersed with intimate footage of her artistic process and previously unseen interviews, Life in Movement is a film about moving creatively through life and loss. Filmmakers Bryan Mason and Sophie Hyde give us a powerfully rendered take on art and artists, creativity and our own mortality.

Bryan Mason, Sophie Hyde

In his films Bryan Mason often handles camera and editing himself. His feature documentary Shut Up Little Man! developed with Sophie Hyde was premiered at the Sundance Festival in 2011. Working closely with Hyde as co-founder and partner of Closer Productions, Bryan Mason has created a number of short films including Ok, Let’s Talk About Me (2005), My Last Ten Hours With You (2007), Elephantiasis (2010) and Necessary Games (Best Experimental Film at Melbourne International Film Festival in 2009). He also edited the feature film My Tehran for Sale. The Australian filmmaker Sophie Hyde works as a director and producer. Her work has been shown at Sundance and Museum of Modern Art NY and The National Portrait Gallery, Australia. Apart from her work with Bryan Mason, her documentaries include Bittersweet Freedom (Director), Beyond Beliefs (Writer/Director/Producer), Risking It All: Initial D (Director).